Monthly Archives: August 2009

Celtic Alphabet

My sketches for the alphabet are complete. Now it is on to painting. I plan on acrylic on wood boards. I would imagine that it will take me quite a while. I’d love to get them all done by my son’s first birthday, but realistically I think it will take a bit longer. Especially if I manage to find a day job.

I gathered all the sketches together, cleaned them up in Photoshop, and compiled them in a single image. Without further ado, here is the alphabet.

Celtic Alphabet

Moving Along

Two more letters are finished. I’m really pleased with how O looks. I really love oak, so that might have something to do with it.


I’m really getting excited to finish this phase of the project and start painting. I will have to take a break between the sketch phase and the painting phase because my son has to have surgery. No worries though, he will be fine. I just want to be able to focus my attention on him for a couple of weeks.

More Letters

Ok, just a quick note to show off four more of my letter sketches. I am a little behind schedule on the alphabet, but I still plan on finishing them by August 20th.


Balancing Act

How do mothers do it? There is a magical ability that many other mothers seem to have that enables them to raise happy, healthy children, keep a clean house, take care of themselves, and maybe even hold down a full time job and go to school.

I asked one of these mothers how she did it. Her response was “because I have to.” She didn’t think about it. She didn’t worry about it.  She just did it. She also said that she was not perfect and that sometimes things don’t get done. The key is to not stress about it so much that you stop all together.

It’s time I stop spending so much time worrying and start get back on balance.