Monthly Archives: January 2010

Letter B and Sketch

Another letter from the celtic alphabet is done!

I bring you the letter B

copyright Christina Kester 2010

Here’s my next project. I might add a bit more knotwork.


Helping Haiti

I’m putting one of my paintings in a silent auction at Left Hand Brewing Company. All proceeds go to the Colorado Haiti Project. For more information check out [link]

And if you live in the area, please check it out. There will be beer, food, and music too.


I think I’m ready to call this one finished.  Prints are available here.

Mountain Retreat copyright Christina Kester 2010

Tonight I’m going to work on painting the Letter B. I also have another digital piece in mind. Something with a sexy guy this time.


When I get near to the end of a painting I get impatient. I want so much for it to be done. I feel myself reaching that point with my latest digital painting. I really need to push through it so that I can create a refined piece.

Here is where I am at with it so far

Small update

Still Working

I’m still working on my mountain piece. I’m refining and adding details now. I would really like this to be a solid portfolio piece.

Here’s my latest progress

Please feel free to critique 🙂

WIP Update

I changed the figure and blocked in some clothing. I’m trying to work on the whole figure at the same time, but I got carried away with the face… I love painting faces. I am using stock references and will link to them with the final piece.

Owl Painting

I did this little painting as a holiday exchange on Epilogue.

It is acrylic on coldpress paper 4×6 inches. Like the Letter A, it has gold paint that did not photograph well. The original is now in Sweden 🙂