Monthly Archives: February 2010

B-Movie Update

Still plugging away at this….

Giant Baby Update

I’ve updated my CGSociety challenge thread with my latest WIP. Please feel free to check it out and leave any critiques.

Another One Done

I finished up the letter C last night. I really wish there was a way to scan the gold paint so that it did it justice. These letters really shine in person.

copyright 2010 Christina Kester

Working with the Best

It’s good to push yourself, right? I need to improve and I need to do it fast. So what better way to do it than getting involved in a challenge that involves the big-shots in the industry? I’ve decided to enter the CGSociety B-Movie Challenge. It means I need to really step up my game and bring the best work I can to the table.

I’m thinking giant insects or Mars or giant insects on Mars. Brainstorm time!