Painting Commissions

I am available for private commissions. For commercial commissions, please contact me at  Most of my art is decorative/illustrative and usually includes celtic knotwork. Take a look at my art gallery for an idea of what I can do. Most of my work is traditional (acrylics), but I do some digital paintings.

Time Frame: Depending on the size and complexity of the piece, commissions can take from two weeks to two months. An estimate will be provided at the time of the request.

Rights: Private commissions do not come with any reproduction rights. If you are interested in buying reproduction rights or licensing rights please contact me at

Rates: The following rates are base prices.  Actual prices will vary based on the complexity of the piece. Prices are listed in US dollars. I require a deposit to start, usually 50 percent.

Up to 5×7 inches $40-65

8×10 $80-150

9×12 $175-250

larger than 9×12 $250+

Information I need to start the commission

  1. An idea of what you want. Please try to be as specific as possible. For example, let me know if you want specific colors, symbols or animals in your commissioned painting.
  2. The size you prefer.
  3. What medium you prefer (acrylic or digital).
  4. Your contact information and name.

Commission Process

  1. Contact me ( with the information listed above. Once I have this information and accept the commission we will negotiate the final price and I will give a time estimate.
  2. Upon receiving the 50 percent advance payment, I will begin working on the first draft. I will scan the sketch so you can provide me with feedback. I will edit the sketch up to four times (more edits will bring the final cost of the painting up).
  3. Once final sketch is approved, I will begin painting. Once I have finished, I will again scan the painting for  final approval. Changes at this stage are limited based on the design complexity and whether it is traditional or digital medium. But typically, I will not do more than two.
  4. After the final approval, the final payment is due. When it is received, I will send the art.

Thank you for your interest in my art.


Here is an example of a commissioned painting –

Copyright Christina Kester 2011


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