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Letter N

I’m skipping around with my letters. Here’s letter N for Nectarine

Copyright Christina Kester 2013

Copyright 2013 Christina Kester

I’m on the lining stages for letter R and I have letter Z prepped and ready to paint.


Celtic Tree Alphabet – Letter G

Another letter is done. Here is a walk-through on how I paint these letters featuring letter G for the Goldenrain tree.

copyright 2012 Christina Kester


The Letter F

F is for Fir tree. Here is my latest finished letter of my Celtic Tree Alphabet.


Copyright Christina Kester 2011




Spoon pictures will be coming within the week. I just finished a commission based on my Love Spoon design. I am also working on a tattoo design commission.  I will be opening up my commission slots soon, so if you are interested please send me a note at fireoakstudio@gamil.com

Letter E

Here’s the letter E all painted and pretty. I’m hoping to have some time to paint F this week. Now that I’ve had some time to adjust to my new job I think I can sneak some time in to paint.

Letter E Copyright Christina Kester 2010


The letter D is brought to you by ladyfireoak, aka Christina Kester.

I’ve started on E and F also, but if I get the job I just interviewed for they will take me a while to finish.

Please enjoy

Copyright 2010 Christina Kester

Another One Done

I finished up the letter C last night. I really wish there was a way to scan the gold paint so that it did it justice. These letters really shine in person.

copyright 2010 Christina Kester

Letter B and Sketch

Another letter from the celtic alphabet is done!

I bring you the letter B

copyright Christina Kester 2010

Here’s my next project. I might add a bit more knotwork.

The Letter A

The first of my celtic alphabet paintings is done!

copyright Christina Kester 2009

It is acrylic on wood, approximately 6 by 6 inches. The letter and a few other elements are in gold paint, which does not scan or photograph very well.

Celtic Alphabet

My sketches for the alphabet are complete. Now it is on to painting. I plan on acrylic on wood boards. I would imagine that it will take me quite a while. I’d love to get them all done by my son’s first birthday, but realistically I think it will take a bit longer. Especially if I manage to find a day job.

I gathered all the sketches together, cleaned them up in Photoshop, and compiled them in a single image. Without further ado, here is the alphabet.

Celtic Alphabet

Moving Along

Two more letters are finished. I’m really pleased with how O looks. I really love oak, so that might have something to do with it.


I’m really getting excited to finish this phase of the project and start painting. I will have to take a break between the sketch phase and the painting phase because my son has to have surgery. No worries though, he will be fine. I just want to be able to focus my attention on him for a couple of weeks.