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Refreshing an Older Piece

I’ve had one bowl that I have taken from show to show. It just wont sell. Similar pieces have sold, but this bowl just wont budge. When I’m brutally honest with my critique, I would have to say that it is probably because the design wasn’t executed very well. It was one of my earliest pieces. The lines weren’t consistent.

After much consideration, I decided to sand off the finish and give it a refresh. I redid the simple key design around the rim and added a stylized bird in the center. The old design is on the left, new on the right.

Key Before After CKester

What do you think?

Well, back to work for me. Part 2 of my Tools, Tips, and Safety series will be coming soon.



I’ve been busy burning wooden spoons.  They are quicker to make than the bowls, which makes them an ideal project for weeks when the non-art parts of my life are hectic. Wooden spoons are a traditional wedding gift.  I designed my Love Birds Spoon (see below) with that in mind. Both spoons are available to purchase at my ArtFire store.

copyright Christina Kester 2011


Copyright Christina Kester 2011

Socerers and Direction

I feel that with my recent work I have found direction in my art. It is a break-through for me. I hope to bring much more in the coming weeks.

Here is my most recent, Merlin.

Copyright 2010 Christina Kester