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Update 2/9/13

After my holiday shows, I was in a bit of an art slump. Things have picked up a little recently. I am working on some character concept designs for a story I may or may not get to writing. It is good practice for drawing people even if I never finish the writing part.

Melora hairstyles_CKester2

I’ve prepped two more letters (J and K) for my long time Celtic Tree Alphabet project.

Here are some of my commissions, gifts, and new pieces that I can post now that the holidays are over –

A private commission –

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

A gift –

Some new pieces (all sold except the bear) –

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

Commission Sale

I would really like to get painting again. I miss it. I can’t do anything really big right now, because of my pyrography projects, but I am opening up 5 commission slots for small (4×6) paintings.  I’ll be offering these at a discounted rate of $15 plus shipping.

If you are interested, please comment or send me an email (fireoakstudio@gmail.com).

Here are some examples of previous paintings I’ve done of the same (or similar) size:

Dog Nouveau Steps

Here is a walk through of my current progress on the pet portrait I am working on.I will be adding more as I continue working.

Edit 4/18/2011 – Here is the final walkthrough.

Copyright Christina Kester 2011

April 11 Update

Here’s my finished tattoo commission –

A character sketch for a really long term project –

Practice sketches from my sketchbook –


Commission Status –

Dog Nouveau – transfering drawing to canvas

Knotwork tattoo – finished

Anniversary Spoons – finished

Eagle Spoon – on hold, spot open


I have one spot open for commissions right now. It has to be something small and simple. I can do a decorated spoon ($15-30) or a 5×7 painting ($45-60). Please let me know if you are interested by sending an email to fireoakstudio@gmail.com

Dog Nouveau and Smoke Bowl

Dog Nouveau

One of my current commissions is a pet portrait of  two adorable Boston Terriers. And since my client is open to it, I’m going to share my steps in completing the painting.

Here is the sketch I will be working from

copyright Christina Kester 2011

From this point, I will be transferring the drawing to the canvas. There are a few things I want to address while doing this, so it wont be exactly like this sketch. For example, I want to make sure I get the dogs’ likenesses down a little better. I also want to make the circle between the dogs a little bigger and add a border of sorts on the top and bottom of the painting.

Smoke Bowl

Here is an in progress shot of my latest bowl.

copyright Christina Kester 2011

This is a companion bowl to my Cloud bowl

copyright Christina Kester 2011

Commissions and Other News

I am closed for commissions currently, but I am accepting commissions for late May and June. If you are interested, please send me an email fireoakstudio@gmail.com.

I’m still gathering photos of my older work that I will be selling at discounted prices to help fund my move. I anticipate that they will be up by mid next week. I’m also having a sale at my Art Fire store, so please stop by and take a look.

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

News and Spring Commissions


I am moving across country at the end of April. My move has been brought on by a lot of drama in my personal life and is unexpected.  I need to raise some funds quickly. To do this, I am having a 20% off sale at my ArtFire store (http://www.artfire.com/users/FireOakStudio) and I will be auctioning off some of my older work and prints that I still have in stock on eBay. I’ll provide an update with more details on the auctions as they are set up. Please note that if you buy something close to the end of April, it might take a little longer to ship than usual due to the move.  I am looking forward to the clarity a new beginning will bring.


I am currently full on commissions, but I am going to be accepting again in mid May. My spots have been filling up quickly, so if you are interested, please send me a note and I will save you a spot.

Current Commission Progress
Tattoo – final sketch
Dog Painting – Gathering references
Anniversary Spoons – finished
Eagle spoon – spot held

The Letter F

F is for Fir tree. Here is my latest finished letter of my Celtic Tree Alphabet.


Copyright Christina Kester 2011




Spoon pictures will be coming within the week. I just finished a commission based on my Love Spoon design. I am also working on a tattoo design commission.  I will be opening up my commission slots soon, so if you are interested please send me a note at fireoakstudio@gamil.com

In the Works

I have big plans for this blog. I am going to be doing some tutorials, featuring other artists, and plugging some great resources as well as posting my works in progress and finished pieces.

Currently I am working on my Celtic Tree Alphabet, a couple of new spoon designs, and a very complex bowl design. I have space for one or two commissions in there. If you are interested please contact me at fireoakstudio@gmail.com

Here are a couple of my recently finished pieces

copyright Christina Kester 2011


copyright Christina Kester 2011

Hummingbird Commission

Here’s a peak at my latest commission. A 7 inch beech bowl with a hummingbird design.

copyright Christina Kester 2010

copyright Christina Kester 2010

copyright Christina Kester 2010

Copyright Christina Kester 2010

My First Commission

Here it is. I am so proud of how it turned out. It is a 10 inch Beech bowl decorated with a butterfly, ivy and heart design.


copyright Christina Kester 2010

copyright Christina Kester 2010

copyright Christina Kester 2010