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I got Corel Painter 2017 for Christmas, but have not been able to use it until today. It has been a lot of fun to play around with. I have only scratched the surface of the program’s capabilities. I am really looking forward to learning the ins and outs. For now, I’ll give you a preview of what I’ve done so far…



Update 2/9/13

After my holiday shows, I was in a bit of an art slump. Things have picked up a little recently. I am working on some character concept designs for a story I may or may not get to writing. It is good practice for drawing people even if I never finish the writing part.

Melora hairstyles_CKester2

I’ve prepped two more letters (J and K) for my long time Celtic Tree Alphabet project.

Here are some of my commissions, gifts, and new pieces that I can post now that the holidays are over –

A private commission –

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

A gift –

Some new pieces (all sold except the bear) –

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

Update 11/1/2012

Fall is my busy time of year. All of my big craft shows are in the fall. It leaves me with little time for anything else and as such I have neglected my blog. Never fear, I am still here and still plugging away at my art.

I finished my giant bowl just in time for the Artist Supporting ARC show last week. I think it turned out pretty well.

copyright 2012 Christina Kester

I’m currently working on upping my holiday ornament stock for upcoming shows. I have the SUNY Plattsburgh Craft show this weekend. It is one of the bigger shows in the area and was a good venue for me last year.  Here are some recent magnets, ornaments and a square bowl in progress.


In my spare time, I have also been working on my digital painting skills.  One of my goals for improvement earlier this year was to work on more dynamic figures and backgrounds. The following two sketches are a start to that.  For the first, I referenced stock photos by Chonastock on Deviant art for the pose. The second sketch was inspired by Brom.

copyright 2012 Christina Kester


copyright 2012 Christina Kester


Buy Art

I have 3 original paintings for sale.

for $50

for $145

for $195

Please send me a note if you are interested.

I am also open for commissions. Please take a look at my gallery to see what I can do and if you are interested please e-mail me at fireoakstudio@gmail.com. My price ranges are as follows, but if you want the details please check out the commissions page.

Up to 5×7 inches $40-65

8×10 $80-150

9×12 $175-250

larger than 9×12 $250+

Attack of the Giant Baby!

Here’s my entry for the CG Society challenge. Now It’s time to get back to focusing on my alphabet

Copyright Christina Kester 2010

B-Movie Update

Still plugging away at this….

Giant Baby Update

I’ve updated my CGSociety challenge thread with my latest WIP. Please feel free to check it out and leave any critiques.


Working with the Best

It’s good to push yourself, right? I need to improve and I need to do it fast. So what better way to do it than getting involved in a challenge that involves the big-shots in the industry? I’ve decided to enter the CGSociety B-Movie Challenge. It means I need to really step up my game and bring the best work I can to the table.

I’m thinking giant insects or Mars or giant insects on Mars. Brainstorm time!


I think I’m ready to call this one finished.  Prints are available here.

Mountain Retreat copyright Christina Kester 2010

Tonight I’m going to work on painting the Letter B. I also have another digital piece in mind. Something with a sexy guy this time.


When I get near to the end of a painting I get impatient. I want so much for it to be done. I feel myself reaching that point with my latest digital painting. I really need to push through it so that I can create a refined piece.

Here is where I am at with it so far