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It is the holiday season. I am finished with craft fairs for the year, so I have some time for special orders. I just updated my ArtFire store with some of my new items and several of my ornaments. I’ll continue adding more in the next week. I’m also working on my first gourd. I’m pretty excited to see how it burns.

Here’s a peak of my latest work.

20141106_102514 20141106_102553 20141116_103914 20141116_104007 20141116_104025a 20141116_104208 20141116_104223

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Handmade for the Holidays

This year I would like to encourage people to either make at least one gift or to buy from an artist or craftsperson that specializes in handmade items.  There are lots of reasons to do it. You’ll be giving someone something unique and personal. If you buy handmade, you’ll be supporting the artist and the art community. While handmade items might cost more than something that you can buy at a store (Walmart for example), they are often of better quality.  As an artist I can tell you that if you buy handmade, you are supporting someone’s dream of doing what they love everyday.

Need some ideas?

Here are some ideas on things you can make yourself:

  • baked goods
  • homemade soap
  • a painting or drawing
  • hand painted ornaments (they sell undecorated ones at craft stores)
  • beaded jewelry
  • knitted or crocheted items

If you would like to buy,  I suggest checking out Etsy or, my favorite, ArtFire.

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