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The Fox

My eldest son has been a little obsessed with foxes lately. So I decided to do something special for him last Christmas. He caught me working on it before it was finished, but I let him believe it was for the business.


Fox walk-through – Christina Kester-Tallman


It was fun working with watercolor again. My son was really happy with the finished painting.

My current project is a new sign for my display at craft shows. I’m using a 12 x 24 inch Italian poplar plywood board. Here’s a peek at my current progress.



Letter N

I’m skipping around with my letters. Here’s letter N for Nectarine

Copyright Christina Kester 2013

Copyright 2013 Christina Kester

I’m on the lining stages for letter R and I have letter Z prepped and ready to paint.


Update 2/9/13

After my holiday shows, I was in a bit of an art slump. Things have picked up a little recently. I am working on some character concept designs for a story I may or may not get to writing. It is good practice for drawing people even if I never finish the writing part.

Melora hairstyles_CKester2

I’ve prepped two more letters (J and K) for my long time Celtic Tree Alphabet project.

Here are some of my commissions, gifts, and new pieces that I can post now that the holidays are over –

A private commission –

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

A gift –

Some new pieces (all sold except the bear) –

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

copyright Christina Kester

Fairy Tale Glyphs

I’ve had an idea for a painting floating around in my head for a long time. I wanted to do a petroglyph with a fantasy twist. A while ago I sketched out some of my ideas. This week I colored them in Photoshop.

copyright 2012 Christina Kester

I may do a few more of these in the coming weeks. For now, these designs are available on t-shrts in my Zazzle store.

Tricksters for Sale

My ACEO Tricksters are on sale. Open edition 2.5 by 3.5 inch prints for $4 available at http://www.artfire.com/users/FireOakStudio

I’ll be doing more ACEOs and selling some of the originals soon. But right now I am working on a bowl commission.

Cheers all.

Wood Bowl Design Preview

Starting in late September to early October, I will be decorating wood bowls using pyrography (wood burning) and offering them for sale. Here’s a sample of some of the designs I will be offering.

copyright 2010 Christina Kester

By the time I start production, I will have many more designs to choose from. I have already received a lot of interest, including some pre-orders. I will be posting final designs and prices when I start production. If you are interested in purchasing a bowl with one of my designs and would like more information (including prices), please e-mail me at fireoakstudio@gmail.com.


The Longmont Art Link is tonight from 6-9pm. I will be showing at Maternal Instincts at 519 Main Street.  I will also be doing a demonstration. I’ll be working on Letter F of my alphabet. So if you are interested in my painting methods and are in the Longmont, Colorado area, I’d love to meet you.

In other news, I had a portfolio review at Art Mart on Pearl Street in Boulder. I will find out within a week or so whether they want to have my work in their space. The review went pretty well and I felt I was prepared, sporting my portfolio, resume, price list, and business card.

In addition to my ongoing alphabet project, I am working on a series of fish paintings. So far I have gotten a really positive response. I plan on doing more Koi paintings, but I am also working on some fantasy fish, including a sturgeon/lion fish hybrid.

New Work:

copyright 2010 Christina Kester

copyright 2010 Christina Kester

copyright 2010 Christina Kester

Sun and Festivals

The past two weeks have been busy. I have a couple of new ink drawings, which I will post by the weekend; I celebrated my anniversary with my husband; I caught a nasty little stomach bug and recovered, mostly; and I continued working on my goal of becoming a full-time artist.

 The Boulder Creek Festival was last weekend. It was fun and sunny, but too busy to really get a chance to speak with artists. I did get some ideas on how to present my art at an art fair like this and what types of equipment I will need.  

I am still taking inventory of my art and supplies. It surprises me how much I actually have. I even found a rather large, at least large for me, blank canvas that I didn’t know I had. When I get the time and space where I can paint again I am totally going to do something fabulous with it.

After doing some more research on local art festivals, I think I have found a few that I might be able to do this year on my limited budget. I’m looking into the Celebrate Lafayette festival on September 25th, the Louisville Labor Day Festival on September 6th, and the Longmont Farmer’s Market Holiday show in December. All of them have entry/jury fees of under $150. I will keep you all posted on which ones I end up going for. I was planning on doing the Longmont Art Walk again this year, but unfortunately, I missed the deadline by a day.

I have an even bigger list of events to look into for next year.  Now I need to see what the cost difference is between renting a tent versus buying a tent is.

For those of you interested in art festivals, here are some useful resources:

A list of what you need, plus some tips – http://www.lifetime.com/tipssolutions/organization/article.aspx?postid=174

Overall Advice – http://www.squidoo.com/art_festival

An older thread at wetcanvas forums that has some useful information – http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=169893

Two More

copyright 2010 Christina Kester

The Queen

Pen on paper

Another in my Arthurian legend series, Guinevere.

Somewhat referenced [link] by :iconlilbittydemon-stock:

copyright 2010 Christina Kester

Deep Rising

Pen on Paper

This one is for Charlie, who has been trying to get me to draw something to fit the horror/macabre category for a long time now.

The pose is referenced from :iconartrenaimuse:

Chainmail for the Win

Here’s the latest…

copyright 2010 Christina Kester

“The King”

Pen on Paper

Another in my Arthurian legend series. Here is the King himself.

I used this reference [link] from :iconatistatplay: